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Giorgio Gnesda Design

Giorgio Gnesda Design began in 1985 and offers many competences, and its activities focus on design, conception and production of unique one-off cars. Elegance, Purity and Innovation are the values that have always characterized Giorgio Gnesda Design's mission. Designing an object means finding a new image which may be used to express the needs and tastes of the actual time. This is the reason because we are always coming up to design again for the everyday objects.
The involvement in the design field was born with a profund love of design. From the time Giorgio Gnesda was a small child, this desire was intensified by a love of automobiles. Most of all, he admired the Lamborghinis, and when he finally met the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, they became fast-friends. He still remembers, during the meetings on his estate in Panicarola, which is in the region of Umbria and on the shores of lake Trasimeno (Italy). Over a glass of wine from his vineyard "Sangue di Miura", they spoke about automobiles and engines. It was a thrilling experience and at that moment they developped some very interesting concepts of future works.


This first step allows to imagine the shape of the future product and it's very important to comunicate very quickly to the customer the emotions and the sensations of the finished object. The style research uses traditional methods as the hand made sketches to represent the different views of the object or the most advanced computerized techniques in designing and visualization.
From the Style research the informations arrive to a CAM center where the model can be produced in a short time. Here all modifications and updates are possible in order to achieve the best balance between functionality, aesthetic and costs.
In this step the idea becomes a true product. It is here that the shapes created by the designer are tested and technically improved. Step by step, all components and the details are defined and added to the project.
The prototype is necessary to verify that all parameters and the goals of the project have been reached and to show the quality level of the product for marketing evaluations.

Back to the future


Ideas free flight

Giorgio Gnesda's Dreams

The love for art and unique things pushes me to create everything I loves with the taste of detail.
This is my "Countach", a precious sculpture to evoke a world automotive myth. It needed of about 750 meters (2460 feet) of full iron rod. This model has been created with great attention to reproduce closely the most recognizable parts of this beloved, well known and, for me, unmatched dream car: the entire engine with hts components, suspensions, interior, and openable doors as well. Like you can see from these pictures, the work is an amazing achievement and it's easy to understand how much time, passion and love needed to complete it. Well, this is done, look forward for the next project . . . Stay tuned!

Below, in this page, there are other my remarkable works about the rebirth of some lost or unavailable fascinating classic cars exibited at Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum in Funo di Argelato (Bologna - Italy). They are the faithful replica of the 1963 Lamborghini 350GTV prototype and the two faithful replicas also, of the really first cars builded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in his spare time from 1947 to 1948 over existing Fiat 500A mechanics (the famous "barchettas"). The two original cars were lost in the past.

The slight movement of a pencil, the creating of a new shape

the joy of a free flight . . .

The passion to create and build by hands

The dreams come true